Office Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Stuff Clean

Office Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Stuff Clean

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Even stuff in your office should be cleaned. Here are some quick and easy cleaning tips that you can do yourself.

Clean the phone with a small amount of white vinegar or a little glycerine on a cloth. For the area between the buttons which is difficult to access, use a cotton bud dipped in white vinegar or glycerine. Never use alcohol-based chemicals or eucalyptus oil because they could melt plastics.

Don’t forget to clean the phone cord. Start at the receiver, cover the cord with your cleaning cloth and pinch it between your thumb and finger. Then pull the cloth all the way to the end of the cord.

Before cleaning the computer, make sure that it’s turned off.
- Light cleans: Use a cloth tightly wrung out in water. Never use a wet cloth because the ports corrode — and don’t even approach the ports with a damp cloth.
- Dirty surfaces: Apply some anti-static CD spray to a cloth and wipe it over all the surfaces, including the venting hole. Never spray anything directly onto a computer. It’s fine to use your vacuum cleaner to get a dirt outside the computer, but never use it inside the computer because it creates static electricity and could run it. You can vacuum the vent holes.
- Keyboard: Turn it upside down and gently shake it to remove crumbs from under the keys, use your vacuum cleaner or compressed air in can applied through a nozzle. To clean keyboard keys, use cotton buds dampened with a little methylated spirits of water.
- To deter bugs, spray surface insecticide spray on rag and wipe the back of computer with it.
- Make sure you keep computers ventilated by placing them at least 10 centimetres away from any wall.

When the mouse becomes sticky and hard to move, it’s time to clean it.
- Inside of the mouse: Turn the mouse over and twist the back cover off the ball. Take the ball out and wipe it with a cloth wrung out in water. Never use chemicals on it. Dampen, but don’t wet, a cotton bud with methylated spirits and clean the inside cavity of the mouse including the rollers. When you’ve removed as much dirt as possible, carefully blow into the hole to make sure all the excess dust comes out. Put the ball back in and attach the back over.
- Underside of the mouse: Dip a cotton bud in methylated spirits and wipe the side points that make contact with the mat. Dry it upside down.
- Give the mouse mat and the cord a wipe with methylated spirits to get rid of skin-cell and sweat build-up.

Clean the outside of the fax with cloth wrung out in warm water. Clean rubber rollers with a little methylated spirits applied with a cotton bud, then clean again with a lint-free cloth wrung out in water, which will remove the fibres from the cotton bud.

- Glass: Use methylated spirits applied with a lint-free cloth.
- Around the buttons: Use methylated spirits and a cotton bud.
- Toner: Clean it from the carpet with rotten milk. For excess toner on the photocopier, put on disposable rubber gloves and use a damp cloth to wipe away the toner. Put the cloth into a plastic bag and throw it out as it will stain anything it touches.

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