Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

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Moving into a new home is always exciting, but often requires plenty of work. Plumbing is one key area in which homeowners shouldn't cut corners. Plumbing mistakes are common, but many of them are easily avoided. Here are some tips that will help to keep your plumbing in great shape so you can spend less time worrying about it and more time enjoying your home.

Flushing Detritus Down the Toilet

The only things that should be flushed are toilet paper and waste. However, it can be tempting to get rid of other trash this way. Don't do it - it leads to clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and septic tank problems. Worse, flushing trash down the toilet often leads to an odorous mess that can take hours or days to clean up. Never flush garbage or extraneous items. Be particularly vigilant if you have small children; don't allow them to play with the flushing mechanism or experiment with what can disappear into the toilet.

Leaving the Water On During Repairs

There's perhaps no quicker way to flood a house than leaving water on during plumbing repairs. Always turn the water completely off before attempting a repair. Switching off your main valve will likely take care of all water sources. However, double check localised valves, as well; particularly those around sinks and toilets. If there's a water source in your attic or basement, be sure to shut it off, too. Many homeowners easily miss these.

Not Calling Professionals

Many homeowners think they should perform minor plumbing repairs themselves. If you're experienced in this area, it's fine to fix your own frozen pipe or clogged sink. Yet harmless-looking repairs can sometimes get out of control, especially in a new home. It's always safer to call in the professionals than attempt the repair and end up with a flood or other mess.

Abusing the Drain

It's easy to let bacon and other grease wash down the sink drain because it's a pain to clean up. However, over time, too much grease can clog your drain badly enough that your entire sink stops up. Your plumber could spend hours getting weeks' or months' worth of grease out of the drain, which in turn increases your plumbing bill. Take the time to clean your grease thoroughly, and don't wash it down the sink. Similarly, don't abuse your plumbing with other substances such as sauces, bits of food, or leftover drinks. Ideally, water is the only thing that should go down your drain.

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