Mediation and Arbitration: Fast Fixes for Civil Litigation

Mediation and Arbitration: Fast Fixes for Civil Litigation

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When circumstances lead to legal claims, wading through the quagmire of red-tape hassles is not very appealing. Litigation can take an untold number of years and can be particularly difficult when an amicable solution is desired without suffering through an uncertain and drawn-out process.

In these instances, arbitration and mediation can prove to be the answer. Mediation and arbitration are both efficient and cost-effective methods when it is critical to retain business and personal relations between parties.

When you want to resolve legal controversies amicably, consider hiring a reliable arbitrator. While the process for each is different, a mutually acceptable outcome typically results.

Type of Claims for Mediation and Arbitration

Dispute resolution services are employed for myriad civil litigation matters:

   • Personal injury,

   • Wrongful death claims

   • Business and construction disputes.

Mediation Process

This alternative dispute resolution process is rather straight forward. A mediator takes over as a neutral third party. The mediator's goal is to facilitate and lead everyone including the attorneys and their clients toward a resolution and settlement.

The mediator is essentially in complete control of the outcome. Since the resolution is in the hands of a third party, the mediator, instead of a judge, both parties typically win in some way.

Arbitration Process

Arbitration is similar to mediation in which a third party or committee independently judges a dispute. The process differs in that the judgment of the neutral arbitrator(s) is typically legally binding, meaning both sides must concede to the ruling.

The arbitration process is rather straight forward. There is no back-and-forth compromising. With proper handling, arbitration is a quick and efficient path to resolve numerous types of legal controversies.

In business and construction contracts, for example, it is common to include clauses naming arbitration as the preferred legal dispute resolution method. Arbitration is especially suited to resolving a wide range of legal cases such as personal injury, civil matters and employment law claims.

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