Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

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The living room is commonly the most common room in the household where family members gather and and bond with each other. It is also usually the first room you pass through when you enter the household, and for this reason, the living room must have that inviting look of a common gathering area.

Some living rooms are pain to decorate primarily because of space. Before you even begin to decorate, you must first address the issue of size. How do you make your living room look bigger? Here are ten suggestions to do just that.

1. Color

Use lighter color shades for the walls, ceiling, and floor because they give the illusion of space. As much as possible, use monochromatic colors for the furnitures and rugs. This will give the room an aura of space, as light color does to almost any object.

2. Mirror

Mounting a wall mirror automatically doubles the room’s size, albeit psychologically. Mirrors not only reflect the objects in the room, they also reflect the lights. That effect doubles the room’s size visually.

3. Lights

For a small space, installing recessed lighting usually does the trick. Recessed lighting gives that dramatic effect a small space needs to make it look bigger.

4. Furnitures

A small room is sadly, a small room. What we are trying to do here is to make it look bigger. Take out all the furnitures that belong in some other room in the house. Replace all oversized furniture with smaller alternatives. You might want to consider replacing that big sofa that occupies so much space and replace it with a loveseat that is more space friendly. Minimise accessories and prefer to go minimal.

5. Painting

Paintings break the monotony of the walls. Hanging a large painting at the center of the main wall gives the place a “museum” look.

6. Glass

Glass gives the impression of open and free space. Adding a lucite table does the trick.


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