Make Your 1st Day at the Health Club Easier

Make Your 1st Day at the Health Club Easier

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You've promised to yourself that you'll take better care of your body. That includes cleaning up your diet, giving up your smoking habit, minimising your nights out in the town and drinking, and finally starting an exercise program.

If you have chosen to work out in a health club, for boxing, aerobics class, weight training or anything in between, here are some tips that will help you ease into training with greater comfort.

If you have no prior experience training in a gym, you might find it to be intimidating, especially when there are several unfamiliar equipment and faces plus rules that you have to learn and follow.

Before heading out for your first day of working out in the health club, make sure that you prepare the things that you will need the night before. Your gym essentials may include a water bottle, sportswear and shoes. Unless you wish to use the toiletries in the gym, make sure to prepare and bring your own.

If time permits, make one quick stop at the gym and familiarise yourself with the layout and location of various equipment. This will be particularly helpful if you applied for membership in a big health club.

Most gyms do not allow clients to leave their belongings lying around the main floor. Instead, they provide lockers to clients. Make sure that you enquire whether you will be provided locks. If not, make sure to bring one.

Another gym essential that you should bring for every workout is a towel. You will immediately notice that despite the best efforts of other clients to keep the gym equipment sweat-free, a small amount gets left behind. That's where the towel will come in handy. Wipe the equipment that you will use before and after. If you are going to use a particular equipment regularly, think about getting one for your own.
If you wish to use a particular machine but do not know exactly how to use it, do not be
afraid to ask for help. No newbie goes into the gym knowing how to use all the equipment. Ask a trainer to show you how to properly use the equipment and, if possible, take notes so that you won't forget anything.

It may be tempting to go all out during your first day at the health club, when your enthusiasm is at an all-time high. However, avoid the temptation and give yourself ample time to build yourself up for progress. Remember, the road to fitness is not a race. Make the most of your first day by learning the equipment and exercises.


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