Make Grout Look Brand New In Five Easy Steps

Make Grout Look Brand New In Five Easy Steps

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Grout is basically a mixture of cement, sand, tint, and water. It fills the gaps between floor tiles. It works as an emulsion that hardens through time, much like the mortar used in bricks. At the passage of time, grout, especially those with a lighter color tint, grow darker through layers of dirt and grime. It takes away the tiles’ white and pristine look and replace it with old and moldy feel no matter how much you mop it with water.

Luckily, grout can be made to look as good as new with just five easy steps. But don’t be misled. Those five steps, although easy to follow, the tasks described are not easy. But don’t get frustrated for the payoff is the return of your white and pristine bathroom worthy of all your sweat.

To begin, here are the tools and materials you need.

rubber gloves

Step 1
Give the floor a pre-cleaning. Wash every inch of the floor with water to remove the first layer of dirt and grime. This process will also soften the caked in grime accumulated through time. Wash out the excess water and wait till the floor is dry.

Step 2
Dilute the bleach with water. 50 percent bleach and 50 per cent water works best. Put the mixed solution in a bucket. Put on your rubber gloves and be ready to get down on your knees for the hard and nasty part.

Step 3
Using the rag, apply the bleach on the section where you plan to work first. With the toothbrush, brush out every inch of the grout line until the original color (assumed to be white) comes out. When the section is clean, wipe out the excess bleach with a wet rug. Regularly rinse the rag with water as repeated use make it soaked in bleach. Repeat the process until section is clean. Repeat step 3 on different sections of the floor, applying intensity to dirtier and grimier section.

Step 4
Wash every inch of the floor with water. Drain the excess water and let to dry. An electric fan focused on the wet floor usually does the trick.

Step 5
Inspect the dried floor. You will notice some areas that need more attention. Apply bleach and brush thoroughly. Once the floor is white and pristine, stand in the middle and just bask in the glow!


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