Make An Entrance: 10 Ways To Create Functional And Stylish Entryways

Make An Entrance: 10 Ways To Create Functional And Stylish Entryways

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Your entryway doesn’t just set the tone for the entire home, giving guests a first impression. If you believe in feng shui, then this often looked over part of the house can also affect the safety, comfort, and pleasure you get from your residential space.

The entryway or foyer (if you want to get fancy about it) acts as a buffer between the living area and anyone who comes into your home, giving you a greater sense of security. With other elements included in the entryway—from the front door to the lighting to the flooring—feng shui experts also point out the need for practical considerations to keep this area functional.

Now just because you’ll need your entryway to be functional does not mean you should forget style. After all, your entryway has to be inviting and give your guests a kind of sneak preview into what the rest of the house will look.

Here are 10 ways to make your entryways functional and stylish at the same time:

1. Use colour to your advantage.
What is more grand than “greeting” your guests with a pop of colour? Use palettes found around your home and define the space with colours that reflect your intention for what the space should inspire, e.g., warmth, drama, or relaxation.

2. Let it echo the overall style of the house.
From 19th century hacienda to French country house, decorate your entryway in the style seen throughout your home.

3. Think eye-catching wall art.
You have a vast array of options: graphic prints, black and white photography, shadowboxes with memorable knick-knacks, or even decorative wallpaper. If you like to keep guests waiting, it’s only fair to give them something great to look at.

4. Create a light and airy ambience.
One of the best ways to set the tone for your home is to keep your entryway light, with whitewashed floors and crisp white walls.

5.Keep furniture to a minimum.
Even when you have a large enough foyer, you don’t want to clutter it up with too many chairs and side tables.

6.Use mirrors to create an illusion of space.
If your entryway feels a bit cramped, try adding a long mirror to one side to give it more space. You have the option to install floor to ceiling mirrors but your entryway might look like an entrance to a dance club.

7. Try two-tone paints for your staircase.
When this feature is accessible from the entryway, consider an eye-catching vibrant colour. It’ll create a nice visual effect when guests come into the door.

8.Add a cosy nook with upholstered chair and a small table.
Guests can wait here, if they need to; and you can also use the area to take a moment for yourself before walking into the living room and being greeted by your rambunctious kids.

9. Use lighting strategically and with visual appeal in mind.
Lighting is essential for safe passage through the entryway. But you should also take this opportunity to add visual pop with antique, contemporary, or sculptural lighting to add drama.

10.Get organised with storage bins and cabinets and tables with drawers.
From piled up mail to keys and iPods that mess up entryways, keep these “unsightly” bits out of the way with storage bins, cabinets, and tables with drawers. Never ever welcome guests into the home with clutter.


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