Make Air Travel Bearable With These Hacks

Make Air Travel Bearable With These Hacks

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Remember the first time you took a ride on the airplane? For many people, it can be difficult to view air travel through rose colored glasses — the long lines, the unruly passengers, the delays, etc.

If you have no other recourse to getting to your destination other than taking a flight, here are some hacks that can make air travel a little more bearable.

The best way to avoid air turbulence
If air turbulence leaves you feeling sick, book your flight early in the morning. Thunderstorms and air turbulence tend to increase in the afternoon as the ground heats up.

Sit by the wings of the plane
Another great way to avoid feeling sick due to turbulence is to pick the seats nearest the wings. Think of an airplane as a see-saw and the middle portion as the fulcrum — the fulcrum is the most stable area on the plane.

Check in early
If you want to save time and avoid long lines, you should either print your ticket or have your digital copy ready on your smartphone.

For some extra juice
If you are taking a long flight, consider bringing an extra battery power pack. This will ensure that your gadgets have enough juice for your games, social media and selfies.

Remember to bring a power splitter
Finding a vacant power outlet in an airport during peak hours can be difficult. Consider bringing a power splitter that will allow you to share a power outlet with other passengers and enable you to charge as many gadgets as you can.

Afraid of flying? Try this hack
If you constantly worry about the safety of air travel, consider picking seats at the back of the plane. According to some studies, these seats are among the safest in terms of crash scenarios.

Make your bags easy to spot
Tie a brightly coloured ribbon around the handle of your luggage. This will make it easier for you to spot it and help you save time.

If you want to fall asleep faster on the plane
If you have the time to spare, go for a quick workout before your flight. This helps you accomplish two things: it helps ease your stress and anxiety and allows you to fall asleep faster.

Consider red-eye flights
If you want to avoid airport hassles like long lines, consider booking a red-eye flight which flies after 10:00 p.m. This way, you can essentially sleep through your flight.

Enjoy your travels and explore the world as you like it with the help of your local company specialising in tourism services.


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