Maintenance Tips for Your Shutter Doors

Maintenance Tips for Your Shutter Doors

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As the building owner, it’s important for you to check the condition of your security door and shutter. You might be satisfied with the roller shutter door installed at your place because it protects you from outside noise and weather, but if it’s not maintained properly, your shutter door might fail and this might result in a bigger problem. And so, it’s indeed important that you take a lot of care for your shutter door.

To help you in taking care of your shutter doors, here are some tips on how to maintain and prolong their function.

Clean shutters properly and regularly.
Just like the other part of your building, regular cleaning of shutter door can secure its quality and condition. Many people tend to neglect their shutter doors, resulting in a dusty and greasy outdoor or window security shutter and cause them to stop operating smoothly.

Keep them properly oiled.
One of the common mistakes you might be doing is thinking that after the installation of your shutter doors, they don’t require any maintenance to make them last. What roller security shutters need is oil. If rollers are not properly oiled, they might become difficult to open and close over time.

Check for damage.
Shutter doors can get easily damaged due to certain weather conditions. This is why selecting them needs careful planning. If so, it’s important that you always check if your door has damage or if it started to rust. If you don’t, your door’s problem might get worse and cause you to buy a new shutter.

See if there are broken shutters.
If your shutter doors get damaged by attempted or successful break-in, the best thing that you should do is to have it repaired by the professionals. Thieves usually jam open security shutters from sides or bottom and that can cause huge bulges and dents on your door. If you think your door incurred a big damage, it’s advisable for you to have a new shutter installed.

Pay attention to old age security doors.
The older the security door, the more it needs attention and care. If you know that you have old security doors, you should give more care to it because it’s more prone to bigger damage. But how can you know that a door or window with shutters is starting to age? If you noticed rust spots, chipped paint and improper operation of the door, and if the colour is starting to fade, these may be the signs. Although you might easily resolve these problems by taking care of your door, in the long run, if it’s too old, it will be needing replacement.

If you need the help of professionals in maintaining your shutters, call in the top security door & shutter experts in Australia today.


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