Maintenance Tips for Iron Fences and Gates

Maintenance Tips for Iron Fences and Gates

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If you want to have an additional attraction to your property, you might want to have a fence and gate. They don’t only make your home looks good, but also offer privacy and safety for your family. But in order for your fence and gate to function properly and keep their beauty, you have to make sure that they’re receiving proper care and maintenance.

To help you take care of your iron fence and gate, keep these maintenance tips in mind.

Take protective measures.
Exposure to rain and humidity can cause rusting on your iron fence and gate. To prevent it from happening, make sure that you cover your fence and gate during the rainstorm. But if you don’t want to hassle yourself, you can start from applying a protective coat of wax on them. If you have an iron fence around your pool, try to apply a sealant to it to prevent the damage.

Paint it.
Applying paint can also protect your iron fence and gate from damage. The paint helps create a barrier between iron and air. It minimises oxidation and can reduce the possibility of rusting. Also, it can add elegance and beauty to your fence and gate.

Have a regular cleaning.
It will be better if you clean dirty wrought iron fence and gate with warm water and dish detergent. Remove all the dirt and rust spots on them by using a toothbrush to reach those areas you can’t reach and then rinse them with water. After cleaning, let them dry. Cleaning helps you determine if there’s any potential damage your fence and gate might get.

Inspect consistently.
Inspecting your iron fence and gate regularly helps you to identify if there are areas that need repair. Check if they’re starting to rust, crack, loose or have any damage. If they’re painted, look for chips on the paint. If you see any damage, repair it right away so you can avoid any hassle in the future.

Repair the rust spots.
If you ever saw an area that started to rust, take steps to minimise the damage. A sandpaper or steel wool is a big help to remove the rust, then apply wax to stop the corrosion. A paint can also minimise the appearance of rust, but if it rusted severely, you may need to call a company that specialises in repairing iron fence and gate.

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