Light Up Your Life: Put up Your Lighting on The Right Spot

Light Up Your Life: Put up Your Lighting on The Right Spot

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When you’re choosing lights you need to consider exactly what you want each light to do. And then you need to work that need into your overall plans for the room. If melding the two doesn’t come together, discuss your needs with a lighting specialist to work out the best solution. But generally speaking you’ll need to take four (4) types of lighting into account although you won’t necessarily use all four types in a single room.

An overall glow
Good general lighting is important in almost every room, but as it is rarely a feature, it should be as unobtrusive as possible. So it’s worth considering having set-into-the ceiling downlights installed. Halogen downlights, strategically placed around the ceiling, can give a wonderful bright even light. They’re not expensive - expect to pay around $25 to $30 for a good fitting, transformer and globe - but avoid the really cheap fittings as they end up costing you more in the long run. To allow you to create a bit of mood with your general lighting have the lights wired through a dimmer.

Up to the task
Planning to read, study, work on projects, prepare food or do anything that requires strong light? Then you’ll need to add task lighting. While you can pick up all sorts of floor and table lamps for this purpose, when you’re in the kitchen you’ll need built-in lighting. Under-bench fluorescent lighting is probably the best option. But set the units to the back so the light is reflected off the splashbacks creating a soft shadow-free light across the bench. If you pet them to the front half the bench will be in shadow - not the effect you want.

Lighting for effect
Often overlooked aspects of lighting are the shadows and silhouettes your lights create. You can use them, in fact create them, to form part of your overall lighting design. Use portable spotlights to direct light where you want - highlight a flower arrangement, a carving or a sculpture - and create a special atmosphere. While you can buy designer spotlights that are meant to be seen, you can create similar effects while keeping the costs quite low. Simply hide desk lamps and flood lamps so only the results are visible.

In the mood
Lighting can completely alter a room’s mood. And the dimmer is its most effective tool. Many lamps come with dimmers already part of their switch, and you can have an electrician install dimmers to wall switches. By adding dimmers to your lighting you have the ability to instantly create the atmosphere you want - from full-on party to quietly romantic.


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