Lifestyle Practices That Prevent Back Pain

Lifestyle Practices That Prevent Back Pain

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Most people are affected by back pain at some point in their lives. Spending long periods slumped in front of a television or peering at a computer puts our musculoskeletal systems at greater risk. While good posture is no longer associated with moral superiority, as it once was, it is still one of the best ways to prevent back pain.

- Don’t carry lopsided loads. Lift heavy weights with your knees bent and always keep your back straight.
- Keep your back warm. Avoid exposing it to cold and draughts.
- Replace a saggy mattress. Don’t penny-pinch when you buy a new one. It should be made from high-quality materials and neither too hard nor too soft.
- Avoid sitting in chair without proper back support. Replace old, worn-out chairs.
- Use a wedge pillow to encourage erect posture while sitting.
- If you have a sedentary occupation, change your sitting position frequently and stand up and stretch every 30 minutes.
- Avoid high heels – wear comfortable shoes as often as you can.

Lumbago is actually a blanket term for mild or severe pain in the lower back (or lumbar region). It differs from “normal” back pain in that it can happen suddenly. A cold draught, jerky movement or combination of bending and twisting can trigger an abrupt pain deep in your back muscles. However, a slipped disc has similar symptoms, so if there’s no improvement after a few days consult a doctor. First, try these remedies.
Large adhesive bandages used with compounds like capsaicin, which stimulates circulation, continue to warm muscles for a long time. But never use them on irritated or broken skin.

Making a wrap to ease lumbago:
Moist heat is particularly helpful for lumbago. Here are two wraps that might ease back pain.
1. Mix together 10 drops of lavender oil, 8 drops each chamomile and cedar oils, 4 drops each of juniper and clary sage oils and 200g body lotion.
2. Pour 2 tablespoons onto a cloth soaked in hot water and wrung out, and then apply it to the painful area.
3. Spread a dry cloth over it and cover with a wool blanket. Repeat several times daily.

Making a verbana wrap:
1. Stir together a handful of crushed fresh verbena leaves, one eggs yolk, 1 tablespoon of flour and 2 tablespoons of warm water.
2. Fold a cotton towel to fit the size of the painful area. Sprinkle it with the verbena mixture, place it over a pot lid and warm it over steam.
3. Place a hot wheat bag onto an exercise mat, lay the cotton towel over it (with the verbena upwards), and lie down carefully with your lower back on it.
4. Cover up with a blanket and lie for as long as possible on the hot underlay.
Quick tip: Rub your back with spirits of lemon balm.

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