Life Hacks for People with Invisalign

Life Hacks for People with Invisalign

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Are you among those who suffer from slight gaps between your teeth? Did you wore braces but failed to use them consistently, causing your teeth to revert to their uneven state? Whichever is applicable to you, have you considered the Invisalign treatment?

If you’re planning to use Invisalign or you’re currently using them, here’s a list of life hacks that will help you during your journey to achieve a new and beautiful smile.

Buy a new nail buffer.
You may have already experienced an extremely sharp edge around your trays that caused tiny painful cuts around your tongue, gums and cheeks. We all know that a nail buffer is a manicure tool, but it’s an essential relief in flattening the irritating side of your aligners.

Drench your trays in diluted mouthwash (bi)weekly.
Storing the same plastic trays in your mouth for a week or two weeks or even skipping to brush it between meals can result in a taste that isn’t good. If you want to always stay fresh as possible, you need to soak your trays in the diluted mouthwash for 5 minutes or less. This practice will keep your mouth feeling clean and your trays gleaming.

Bring a care kit with you at all times.
When you start using Invisalign, it always comes with a high volume of maintenance, including brushing and flossing diligently for more than twice a day. In order to ensure the cleanliness, freshness and the good shape of your teeth, purchase a portable basic dental care kit that contains a toothbrush, chewies, floss, a retainer case and small-scale interdental brushes. Bringing these with you wherever you go will make it easier for you to take care of your teeth and save you in special occasions, emergencies and from the need to purchase at the drugstore.

Use a tool when removing your trays.
One of the disadvantages of having Invisalign is that it’s unhealthy for your nails. Instead of using the tip of your nails, to prevent it from chipping, you can purchase a removal tool like the Outie and add it to your dental care kit. The Outie tool is a plastic apparatus with a tiny hook on one edge (for the lower aligner) and straight edge on the other end (for the upper aligner).

Don’t put trays back in your mouth if you haven’t brushed your teeth after eating.
As advised by the dentists, the recommended wear of Invisalign is 22 hours every day. Even though you're determined to keep your trays on, the one thing you should never do is to put them back in your mouth without even brushing your teeth, because it puts you at risk for having cavities and staining your aligners with the remains of your food.

Set an alarm.
Set an alarm as a cue to put your trays back in your mouth after eating. You might feel obsessive when you forget to wear your trays in an amount of time out of your mouth to snack, but the closer you reach your 22-hour goal a day, the closer you’ll get to achieving the magnificent smile of your dreams.

Do everything you can to take care of your oral health. Visit a dental service provider around your area.


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