Laundry Hacks That Make Life Easier

Laundry Hacks That Make Life Easier

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Who says doing the laundry is boring? With these laundry hacks, the chore will be easier and more fun for you.

Use containers for laundry preparation.
Prepare containers for tissues and other rubbish from pockets, for bits and pieces (e.g. small toys, receipts, money), and for dirty socks.

Eliminate wrinkles without ironing.
To make wrinkles disappear, spray a solution of lavender oil and water on your clothes before putting them on. You can hang your wrinkled clothing item in the bathroom near your shower, just make sure it’s sufficiently far enough that it won’t get wet. The moisture from a warm shower will smooth out the wrinkles. Also, hanging wet clothes to dry often helps smoothen the clothes’ fabric.

Use chalk to absorb grease stains.
Simply rub white chalk on the stain to make it easy to remove during washing. If you don’t have chalk, use baby powder.

Learn the best water temperature setting for your wash.
Cold water is great for fine fabrics and delicates, knits, denim, colours and clothes that may shrink. Warm water works best with whites and light-coloured clothing. When combined with detergent, warm water helps lift soil and stains. Meanwhile, hot water is best for heavily stained items and to thoroughly clean dish towels, bath towels and washcloths.

Hang teenage to adult-sized and expensive clothes out to dry.
Machine drying can cause fabric shrinkage, premature wear and tear, and may make the colours of your clothes to fade rapidly.

Cut dryer sheets in half.
You extend the life of your box of dryer sheets by 100% when you tear each one in two.

Use wool dryer balls or aluminium foil dryer sheets.
Wool dryer balls absorb moisture, and as they bounce around the dryer, lend a softening effect. Meanwhile, aluminium foil dryer sheets eliminate static electricity and can be reused.

Recharge your towels with vinegar and baking soda.
It only takes two washes in hot water; the first with 1 cup of vinegar, and the second with 1 cup of baking soda.

Clean your washing machine regularly.
You can clean a top loading or front loading machine with white vinegar or bleach. Follow the instructions for your specific machine.

Use a salad spinner.
Put your handwash-only and delicate items in a salad spinner to quickly dry them without ruining them. Just make sure you hang or lay the items flat (depending on the instructions on the tag) to dry so they will retain their shape and colour.

Read tags before purchasing clothes.
Avoid purchasing “dry clean only” clothes as much as possible.

Keep sheets neat and tidy.
Store folded sheets in one of the pillowcases from the set. You’ll no longer have to rummage through the linen cupboard to hunt for matching sheets and pillowslips.

Prevent black jeans from fading to grey.
Keep your blacks black by adding a couple of cups of brewed coffee or tea to your machine’s rinse cycle.

These are just some of the laundry hacks that can help you succeed with the chore. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for cleaning services, you can browse this page.


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