Laughter Yoga Exercises to Boost Your Wellness

Laughter Yoga Exercises to Boost Your Wellness

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Laughter is the best medicine. Yoga provides you lightness and clarity. Put those two together, and you get laughter yoga for wellness. Here’s how laughter yoga exercises work.

Greeting laughter
Greeting with a smile is good, but greeting one another with laughter is better. Give your face muscles a little more exercise, open your mouth a little and let a good-natured guffaw out.

Gradient laugher
If you are not the type who can laugh all of a sudden, this is for you. Smile a little, giggle some and gradually let out a laugh, increasing its volume as you go along.

Hearty laughter
Laugh the way Santa laughs with his loud “Ho! Ho! Ho!” You can also make an elongated “aeeee” sound as you slowly lift both arms all the way up, then laugh heartily with your hands pointed to the sky. Imagine that your laughter is coming straight from your heart.

Argument laughter
This gives arguments a new face. You will argue with someone but do so while you and your “opponent” are both laughing.

Ignorant laughter
Laugh without knowing the reason behind the laughter. Look at your partner or groupmates with a puzzled expression and then break out into a spell of laughter.

Back pain laughter
Laugh while holding your back and bending your body forward. It will seem like you are having a backache, but it’s just another exercise.

Vowel laughter
Start with A (“Aaaaa ha ha ha ha ha”), then E (“Eeeee he he he he he”), I (“iiiii hi hi hi hi hi”), O (“Ooooo ho ho ho ho ho”), and lastly U (“Uuuuu hu hu hu hu hu”). Now repeat, but backwards.

Hula hoop laughter
Move your waist as if you are hula-hooping. As you do this, you’re also doing waist exercise.

Electric shock laughter
Move as if you’re reacting to electric shock.

Joke laughter
Recall a very funny joke. Think about your reaction to a humorous event. Laugh in the same manner.

Wave laughter
Wave laughter is laughing without a care in the world. Laugh out loud, stretch your hands over your head and, still laughing, bring the hands down to touch your feet.

Clap laughter
Clap and laugh at the same time, and you will surely feel lighter and relaxed.

Humming laughter
Laugh while you hum. Play with the pitch, moving it up and down the scale and feeling the vibrations resonate through your body. As you get more adept at feeling the vibrations, try and move it deliberately, through chest, jaw, nose, sinus cavities, forehead, the top of your head, then back down again.

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