Keep Yourself (and Your Sensitive Information) Safe When Visiting a PC Shop

Keep Yourself (and Your Sensitive Information) Safe When Visiting a PC Shop

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With the proliferation of smart devices as well as the ready availability of Wi-Fi practically anywhere, you can go online and play, work and connect with your work peers and loved ones.

However, there will be instances wherein you cannot go online using your computer or your tablet and your best recourse would be to go into a public PC shop. While PC shops can be a real lifesaver, especially when you are in dire need of going online, it is imperative to know and understand that your privacy and security can be undermined when you use public computers. In order to minimise, if not totally eliminate, these threats, here are a few tips that you should follow for your next visit to a PC shop.

Leave no trace and always log out
If you are going to browse the Internet, remember that it is not enough to simply close the browser. At home, you can easily do that without having to worry about your security. However, a lot of people use public computers and there are a lot of unscrupulous individuals who can take advantage of you leaving your accounts logged on in a browser.

Make sure that before leaving the PC shop, you log out of every website. It is also prudent to disable auto log-in features before you begin browsing.

Before leaving, make sure to erase temporary Internet files as well as your browsing

Don't display sensitive information on the computer screen for everyone to see
If you must leave your assigned computer station, even momentarily, the prudent move is to close all the windows. When you come back, simply restart the programme you are using and re-open the browser/tabs you were viewing.

You should also pay attention to the people inside the computer shop. It is fairly easy to become engrossed in what you are doing with the computer, but always be mindful that you are in a public area and there may be people with ill intent lurking around.

Don't use public computers for sensitive stuff
The aforementioned tips can protect you from people who like snooping around and from those who take advantage of people who do not make use of the built-in safety features of Web browsers.

However, you should be aware that some hackers prey on people who use public computers. Using hardware and software, they can steal your information even if you have erased your tracks.

The best way to avoid this is to not use public computers for online shopping or any other task that requires giving your credit card details and other sensitive information.


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