IT Services for Businesses: Investing in a Unique IP Address

IT Services for Businesses: Investing in a Unique IP Address

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Among the main advantages of investing in dedicated servers for your business website is its ability to offer you a guaranteed unique IP address.

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is your website’s identification on the Internet. It is the number used to distinguish your server with other computers in the Web. It is allotted per one domain, so if you hold exclusive rights to one through a dedicated server, then you will be assigned your own IP address.

A unique IP address brings in multiple security, protection and optimization benefits to your online business. This feature warrants additional costs, but is very essential as your business grows and more people avail of your products and services online.

A thriving business website expects many visitors per day. Despite this simultaneous barrage of multiple users, a unique IP will ensure that the site will be able to manage the load effectively. A huge number of users utilizing multiple transactions online, when done on a unique domain, are all guaranteed to enjoy smooth browsing experience as dedicated servers enjoy almost 98% uptime.

All the unique visitors will be convinced to come back regularly and be loyal customers if they are certain that their personal information and data is well-protected for the business dealings they undertake in an online store. A unique IP address allows a website to purchase its own SSL certificate, which protects all data exchange and sensitive transactions such as credit card processing or online payments.

A unique IP address also warrants exclusive protection to the website owner. Aside from the protection granted by the SSL certificate, dedicated servers are equipped with an extra-powered firewall to protect the site against malicious applications. Backup configuration is also a basic feature of exclusive servers dedicated to a single IP, ensuring defense against permanent data loss.

Business websites can make communications with their customers more secure, efficient and personalized when they avail of own email server, which is possible in a unique IP domain. Dedicated servers also offer setup of intranet account for better corporate communications.

Lastly, a unique IP address can influence improved search engine rankings for your website. Search engines perceive websites with unique IPs as naturally indexed, so they extend privileges to those.

Purchasing a hosting plan that offers a unique IP can be more costly, but you’ll be able to enjoy the return of investment through a surge in popularity and in sales. When your visibility and credibility is ensured, you business success is more assured.


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