Is A Prefab Building Right For You?

Is A Prefab Building Right For You?

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If you ruled out opting for a prefab, think again. This flexible, functional and fabulous option is growing in popularity both worldwide and in Australia.

What is system-built construction?

Recent trends show a leaning towards modular construction for efficiency, with end results being delivered on time and budget. It is important to get your modular construction builder to check your site to determine what the modular requirements will be - some builders do this by ensuring that your desired home suits the site requirements - this is referred to as system-built construction

A system-built home is constructed by a precision-driven, automated process that yields superior quality and efficiency on time and budget. They are built using one or more sections - called modules - in controlled production facilities. Once constructed, they are taken to the site and remained of the build is completed on-site. Different from a manufactured home, a system-built home can have varying amounts completed in the factory - sometimes as low as 10 per cent to as high as 90 per cent. The key is to determine what is most applicable for the site.

Why opt for system-built?

Off-site construction means your home is built in a factory before being transported to your site for installation and the final finishes.
Building this way has a number of benefits:
The ability to service more remote areas than traditional builders.
Higher accuracy and precision than traditional methods.
Professional and skilled workmanship with quality control and benchmark factory standards.
Speed and efficiency, with tightly controlled time lines and a guaranteed move-in date.
Cost efficiency.
Reduced wastage, with offcuts reused and passed on down the line.
Minimal exposure to weather - rain doesn’t stop us in the factory.

It’s easy to see that building your home this way takes a lot of variables out of the process, giving you peace of mind all the way down the line.

There’s no need to worry about budget blowouts, time delays or unmet deadlines - you’ll be told upfront how much it will cost and when you’ll be able to move in.

Are prefabs the future?

Forget rickety old prefab school libraries and rusty additions to building sites; prefabs have come a long way. Fast becoming a stylish alternative, these homes constructed both on international shores as well as right here in Australia are pushing the boundaries of design and architecture to show that a prefab can be an exceptionally homely and exciting development.


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