Important Things You Need to Know When Starting a Garden

Important Things You Need to Know When Starting a Garden

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A well-planned and well-kept garden adds to the value of your home. It provides privacy and shade, and apart from these, gardening can help relieve stress. The pleasure of a garden is fully realised when you have the time to enjoy it and the time and ability to keep it in order. Here are some ways to simplify gardening:


• Plant low maintenance plants and shrubs such as Japanese bamboo, lomandra, oleander, and New Zealand flax
• Potted plants require less bending
• Raised garden beds (less stooping and lifting)
• Replace some flower beds that need constant weeding or replanting with annuals, natives lawns, shrubs, or paving
• Use tap timers or computerised watering systems.
• Make sure to have adequate and convenient space to store tools and equipment
• Use long handled and adapted tools to save energy
• Use mulch to help cut down on weed growth

Seeking help

• Seek help with part of a task or the whole task
• Help may come from family, friends, or neighbours
• Find a gardener to plant, weed or prune, a person to mow the lawns or someone to remove garden pruning and grass clippings (ask around for recommendations)

You can also get your children involved in gardening at a young age. Once they develop an interest to the same hobby, it would be easier to grow and care for your garden.

Beware of Hazards

Dangers in the garden include:

• Uneven, loose, or slippery paving
• Trailing hoses
• Using the wrong tool for the job
• Steep or slippery steps
• If you have a pool, ensure that it is properly fenced

Nothing beats doing what you love best. Although there are ups and downs when it comes to gardening, seeing your plants healthy and flowers bloom for the first time is one of the best feelings in the world.
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