Important Things You Need to Know About Wine

Important Things You Need to Know About Wine

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When it comes to alcoholic beverages, wines are considered one of the healthiest, and the fact that they also taste good is a bonus. Here are some things you need to keep in mind in case you’re in a dilemma whether you should serve wine or another alcoholic beverage instead.

1. Check out unbranded wines

The best way to find out which wine works for you is to taste a lot. Due to the glut of wines, liquor shops are full of cleanskins – wines selling for less than they would under their original labels. Most are of good value, but it’s best to check. How? Get the gang over for a taste test.

Ask each person to bring a white or red cleanskin from their locale. If you want to compare like with like, you can be more specific. For example, everyone grabs a Semillon/sauvignon blac or a cabernet shiraz, a chardonnay, or a merlot. With some simple but generous food, make sure everyone tries a small glass of each wine – you can get eight or 10 for each bottle. Write down everyone’s score out of 10, and then add them up to find which wines you all like best.

2. Why you should try imported wine

Wines made in Australia from local vineyards have been such a huge hit worldwide.. Our inexpensive, full-flavoured, wines are rampant in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the USA, and Canada. So, if we apply the good old Aussie fair go, it seems only just that we buy and taste a few imports ourselves.
Apart from this, trying imported wine helps you learn more about the beverage. The great thrill about wine is there is so much to experience, so many flavours and fragrances to love, but so little time to get around to all of them.

If you love your local merlot, why not put it up against merlots from France and Chile? Try your favourite Aussie chardonnay side by side with an inexpensive one from France and Italy.

If you are wondering where you can find imported wine, Dan Murphy’s is a good place to start. It carries more reasonably-priced liquors among leading liquor shops in the country.

3. Wine can be good for you

The French love their food and drink. And with all that wonderfully rich food in France, it’s a wonder why a lot of them are fit! How could they consume all that paté, cheese, cream, and wine and still be healthy?

A few years ago, someone noticed this and called it the French Paradox. It’s not all that simple, but scientists started studying red wine. And there are real benefits. Red grape skins are full of flavonoids or antioxidants, which are good for the body.

Antioxidants neutralise cancer-causing molecules known as free radicals. Apart from wine, antioxidants are also found in fruits and vegetables.

So, next time you’re about to pick a six-pack of beer at the liquor store, try going for a bottle of red wine. You are doing your health a huge favour.

For more tips about wines, check out this page.


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