Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Why They Need to be Removed

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Why They Need to be Removed

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Oral surgery is necessary in case of impacted wisdom teeth. This is because if impacted wisdom teeth are left untreated, they can cause all sorts of issues affecting your dental health. In order to avoid future dental issues, you need to have your impacted wisdom teeth removed. Here are some possibilities that will convince you to do so.

Lack of space
One of the main reasons wisdom teeth can cause many dental issues is because there’s not enough room in most people’s mouths for them. Most people only have 28 teeth. With the wisdom teeth, you would have 32 teeth.

Crowding leading to crooked teeth
The pressure of your wisdom teeth attempting to erupt puts forces on your other teeth, which pushes them forward and causes crowding. This is concerning to those who have already had orthodontic treatment. If it’s left untreated, it leads to further orthodontic treatment to correct the crowding.

Cyst/tumour development
A cyst can develop in the sac of the developing wisdom tooth. A cyst can damage the surrounding teeth, as well as the bone of the jaws. Infection and tumour development are also possible.

Nerve damage
It’s important to remove your wisdom teeth when recommended. This is so because there’s a possibility that they’ll develop in the area of the nerves of the jaws. And damage to the nerves can cause permanent damage.

If an oral infection develops, it should be addressed immediately. Infection will pose a risk for both your general and dental health. Dentally, an infection can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and periodontal disease.

An impacted wisdom tooth should be extracted based on your dentist’s recommendations. The complexities that could develop are not worth the risk of leaving them alone. Routine dental examinations and professional cleanings will provide your dentist the time to make the proper diagnosis as to when and if they need to be removed.

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