How You Can Save Money With Modern Solar Energy Roofing

How You Can Save Money With Modern Solar Energy Roofing

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With costly electricity bills and alarming environmental concerns, it makes sense to seek alternative ways to heat, cool, and power our homes. Here is a guide on how solar energy can help reduce your eco footprint throughout the year.
Solar energy is a renewable energy source that utilises sunlight to generate energy and heat. There are two ways in which sunlight can be converted into a suitable source of energy for our homes. These are:

Solar Photovoltaic - A cell of semiconductor material (usually in the form of panels placed on the roof of a residential home) that generates an electrical voltage when exposed to the sun’s rays.

Solar Thermal - Collectors full of water convert sunlight into thermal energy by using heat.

The surging cost of electricity has forced Australians to look for more affordable energy source options. Since January 2013, more than one million residential photovoltaic solar systems have been installed in the country and approximately 72,000 solar hot water systems in 2012, according to the Green Energy Markets' report. These figures show the rise in popularity of energy-efficient systems for homeowners who are now reaping the benefits.

If you are concerned about the aesthetic aspect of using solar energy, worry no more. There is no need to install unsightly solar panels to reap the benefits. Monier SOLARtiles look like regular roofing tiles and feature the same benefits as those plain black solar panels.

Developed to work with Monier’s range of flat-profiled concrete tiles, the SOLARtile is lighter than regular roof tiles and minimises the impact on wind flow around the roof, making wind loadings a thing of the past.
By using solar energy, your dependence on sources such as fossil fuels and coal is reduced by a clean renewable energy source that is both environment-friendly and affordable.


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