How to Treat Colored Hair

How to Treat Colored Hair

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Hair coloring is one of the best ways to give your look an instant makeover. A little change to your hair color can give you a different look, whether you choose to dye the whole hair or making it ombre.

However, maintaining colored hair is not the same as maintaining dye-free hair. It takes special treatments which you need to do in order to make the color last longer and also to keep your hair healthy. Here are several tips you can follow to treat your colored hair:

Don’t Wash Your Hair Right After. In order to keep the color from fading and to keep your hair healthy post-coloring, please wait for several days to wash your hair. Hair coloring products contain substances which open up the cuticle. When it’s open, your hair is prone to damage and fading. Therefore, you may need to wait to prevent fading or damages in the future.

Use Special Products for Colored Hair. Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioners which are made for colored hair. These products help to keep the color last longer and also maintain the health of color treated hair. You can also use shampoos which are specifically made for certain hair colors.

Use Protection Products. Always apply hair serum and hair protection products before styling your hair using straightening/curling iron and even hair dryer. Also, don’t forget to spray sunsreen/UV filters to protect your hair and your head from sun damage. Besides applying products, you can try to avoid the sun by wearing big hat or less spending time outdoor while the sun is in its maximum heat.

Take Deep Treatment. The key point to keep colored hair look vibrant and stay longer is by doing weekly treatment with your hair stylist. Colored hair is prone to dryness and dullness, having deep treatments will prevent those damages to happen.

Add a Glossy Look. You can add this procedure to boost your hair look. As mentioned above, colored hair tend to look dull, color glosses will enhance your new hair color so it won’t lose the shine.


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