How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

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Travelling may put your adrenaline into high gear, which is just what you need if you want to really get to know a destination and explore its best attractions. However, it pays to be extra careful about your health and safety during the trip. Travelling puts people at risk for various viral and bacterial illnesses, since you’ll most likely to pass by high-traffic areas such as planes, buses, terminals, tourist hotspots and the like.

While your itinerary may affect your exercise schedule or your ability to stick to your usual healthy food choices, it shouldn’t be an excuse to completely put your healthy habits out the window. With some adjustments and a little creative strategy, you can still continue to prioritise your health and well-being while on the road.

Whether you’re traveling for business, for pleasure or both, consider some of the following techniques for taking care of yourself by making the most of the travel experience.

Make smart food choices. When you’re mostly eating out and have no facilities or time to cook, eating well can be a challenge. Still, you can avoid succumbing to doubtful street food or unhealthy (and overpriced) airport snacks by eating a big meal before the trip and packing some healthy snacks in your carryall. Do your research and plan in advance so you get to taste the best of the foodie offerings of each place, and not just be eating wherever hunger takes you.

Adopt this simple habit. It’s so easy to catch colds, flus and other diseases with just your hands coming in contact with dirty surfaces, which you’ll be encountering frequently when you travel. ATMS, ticket booths, terminal and passenger seats, doorknobs, faucets, bus railings, and so on – they’re all teeming with germs that have come from all sorts of places. Make sure you always wash your hands and bring a double-strength sanitiser with you, and avoid putting your hands in your face.

Move and move more. Travelling includes lots of sitting and waiting around, but keep in mind that you can still stay active even in an unfamiliar location and without the use of formal fitness facilities. When in transit for long periods, make it a point to stand up, walk a few paces and do some stretching to encourage circulation. If it’s possible, just walk to your next destination – you can feel the vibe of a place more by walking instead of being secluded in your shuttle, while you get to enjoy your exercise at the same time.

Drink up. Keep hydrated before, during and after your trip. Bring a water bottle whenever you are so you are reminded of your need to drink lots of aqua especially when you’re running from one place to another. Stay on the safe side by avoiding the consumption of tap water, even if authorities in that place say it’s safe to drink.

Breathe and have fun. Being away from your usual environment and from your comfort zone is an opportunity to sit back and relax and have a good laugh. Laughter and relaxation are two most important pillars of a healthy lifestyle, and make sure you have plenty of those, especially when you’re away from your everyday stressors.


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