How To Shop For Dishwashers

How To Shop For Dishwashers

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It is one of the hardest-working appliances so load it up with options.

SPACE MATTERS The capacity of dishwashers is measured in place settings. A 15-place dishwasher can accommodate up to 15 side plates, dinner plates, bowls, cups, saucers, glasses and sets of cutlery. A 12-place dishwasher is considered pretty basic these days. I’d say a 14- or 15-place dishwasher is required for a family or four.

FLEX IT Most people do mixed loads daily, washing pans and chopping boards alongside plates and glasses. That’s why a dishwasher should offer flexibility with stacking configurations. Baskets you can move and adjust are a crucial feature.

CUTLERY COUNTS Something that can make a difference is a third loading level. Some dishwashers have a slim basket at the top of the machine for cutlery. Not having a cutlery basket at the bottom frees up stacking space.

GREAT INTEGRATION Fully integrated models are completely concealed behind cabinetry, the obvious choice for a contemporary kitchen that’s sleek and handle-free. Semi integrated dishwashers go most of the way to that look but the control panel is left exposed. If you’re retrofitting, a built-under dishwasher may be your best option. It will fit into the niche already there and its feet can be adjusted to sit at the right height.

LAST THE DISTANCE Most dishwashers come with a standard two-year manufacturer warranty, but some top-end models will have a five-year warranty. You can generally expect dishwasher to serve you well for about 10 years.

WATER WISE Many people still don’t believe that using a dishwasher is more efficient than hand-washing, but it’s true. Some machines can wash 15-place settings with as little as 12.8L of water.

SMART FEATURES A good dishwater should offer programs to cover every washing scenario. A quick-wash program is something to look for, but if you’re washing a lot of plastic lunchboxes and the like, you might need a machine with an extra drying function. A pot-wash setting is also handy; look for intensive spray pressure to remove baked-on food.

FILTER IN Ideally, a dishwasher will have a coarse, medium and fine filter. You want it to filter out as many of the food particles as possible because water is being recirculated. If your wash quality isn’t as good as it could be, run an empty load on the ‘pot’ setting with Finish dishwasher cleaner every month or so.

GO AUTO To use your dishwasher at its full potential, choose auto programs. In the case of our machines, sensors detect how much water is needed and at what temperature, giving the lowest possible water and energy use.


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