How to Save Money on Hotels

How to Save Money on Hotels

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Looking for the right accommodation is an important step when planning a trip. Doing research for the right place to stay the night before you arrive in your destination might takes time. Needless to say, you have to do accommodation search efficiently, because there are other things that you also need to prepare for. To help you save time, consider the following tips we have gathered for you:

1. Look for grand opening deals.
Hotels offer discounts on a seasonal basis. You can ask your travel agent about the information so you can take advantage of the deals that you can take advantage of. You can also follow the hotel’s social media for sale updates through your phone. However, if you’re availing of opening deals, you may need to lower your expectations a bit as the hotel may still be improving its services and facilities during their first opening weeks.

2. Get breakfast elsewhere.
The hotel menu may look interesting but it may cost you more than you need. Try to look for other options, such as local restaurants or cafes nearby, for morning meals that are satisfying and within your budget.

3. Join rewards programs.
Browse for rewards programmes that may be offered by the hotel clubs available at your destination and sign-up online. This kind of programmes are offered when you are one of the loyal customers. You can use the reward points for cutting the price in half or even book the room for free.

4. Avoid the minibar.
It’s common knowledge that drinks or snacks placed inside your room’s minibar can really cost a fortune. If you can’t live without snacks, then stock up in your backpack. If you love to drink alcohol, it’s better to purchase some at a nearby bottle shop or local pub instead of taking some from the minibar.

5. Take advantage of free transportation.
Hotels usually offer shuttle rides at set drop-off points for free. Catching free transport provided by your hotel will be far cheaper as opposed to taking a taxi to the airport or any of your destinations during your stay.

6. Post online reviews.
Checking-in to a hotel via social media or leaving a positive review on the websites can earn you extra rewards. It can be done quickly through your phone, and yet it will save you some dollars or give you some access to some perks and bonus points from the hotel.


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