How To Save Money On A Theme Park

How To Save Money On A Theme Park

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It’s inevitable — the theme park visit or vacation. Every family, every year, will have to make the traditional and very often, hotly anticipated, trip to a theme park. Preferably one that is home to one of the scariest roller coasters and the most spectacular attractions on the planet.

Why Theme Parks?
Theme parks have become popular destinations because they deliver interactive experiences, and not just offer up a multitude of entertainment options, for kids and adults alike. Kids get the thrill of their lives on different rides. And the adults get to live tales (hello, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction in Paris) from the many attractions while creating lasting memories with the family.

So while these places can get crowded and sometimes overwhelming, the requisite trip has to happen. And as any parent who has ever planned for a visit, theme parks also get quite expensive. It’s not just the cost of the entrance and the rides, but also the cost of accommodations, if the theme park is pretty far.

Money-saving Techniques
Before you think about tightening the noose on your budget, focus on getting more value for your money. You do not want to penny pinch and end up having the worst time ever at a theme park.

Naturally, you do not want to spend too much on the trip or the visit. But also, you do not want to sacrifice this time that you have with the family. So keep things in perspective and follow these money-saving techniques:

· Choose the right theme park.
Everything begins with the right theme park, from the quality of your experience to the money you spend. Luckily, you can do your research online and scrutinise the theme parks form their websites. Find rates. Look up attractions and rides. Read the policies.

Use social media, too. And look up reviews from previous visitors.

· Scour the Web for special deals.
With competition brewing between many theme parks, you are likely to find discounts, packaged rates, and other special deals online. Some theme parks also use their social media pages to offer last-minute or limited deals—use these money-saving opportunities.

Make sure you read the fine print because some deals will come with restrictions, like advance purchase only or use for certain dates only.

· Invest in a season pass.
If you frequent theme parks, perhaps more than the usual twice a year visit, you might want to look into a season pass. A season pass may include free parking, aside from the fact that it is priced much lower than the daily admission.

· Come in late.
Lastly, some theme parks reduce their ticket prices to some rides late in the afternoon. Arrivals after 3 or 4 in the afternoon may entitle you and your family to discounts.


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