How to Replace a Ceramic Tile

How to Replace a Ceramic Tile

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Removing a single ceramic tile because of damage such as cracking or crazing is possible, if you can find a replacement. If the tiling is old, you could have some difficulty finding pre-metric tiles. Sometimes a slightly smaller size metric tile can be grouted in without being too obvious.

Here’s how you can go about replacing a tile:

• You can remove a damaged tile by first scraping out the grouting joint all the way around the tile.

• With soft grouts, the easiest way is to use an old hacksaw blade broken in half, with a rag wrapped around the table to protect your hand.

• If the grouting joint is mortar, adhesive, or sand cement mix, it will be more difficult to remove. If using a chisel, be prepared for more damage to surrounding tiles.

• When the grouting joint is clean, chisel out the tiles with a cold chisel starting from the centre of the tile. Expect sharp tile splinters to be flying, so it is essential that you wear safety goggles.

• Chip away the tile to the outside edge, being careful not to run into surrounding tiles. Never try to lever out the tiles or to chip from the edge as you are likely to damage surrounding tiles.

• Remove all old adhesive or mortar with a cold chisel. Replace the tile using a flexible or two part tile adhesive or cement-based adhesive with a bonding agent.

• Make sure to clean the newly installed tiles. You can use an old toothbrush and dip it in vinegar and water to get rid of any grout residue. After a month, use a good quality sealing product to seal the grout.

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