How to Remove Moss and Lichens on the Roof

How to Remove Moss and Lichens on the Roof

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To many people, the sight of moss and lichens on the roof is a sign that the roof is not properly maintained. Since they’re barely noticeable when they just started growing, most homeowners have to deal with clearing half or if not the entire roof of moss and lichens.

Apart from being unsightly and slippery, moss and lichens make asphalt shingle surfaces more prone to wear out. The damage can be more severe in cold climates; hence, proper maintenance is necessary. Although shingles with moss or lichen won’t deteriorate quite as fast in warmer climates, they can eventually penetrate the roof.


Roof Moss Removal

Prolong the life of your roof with these tried and tested ways:

• You can use high-pressure water to remove moss or lichens. Make sure to be careful working on a slippery roof and use slip-resistant boots if necessary. For safety reasons, cleaning the roof barefoot is not advised.

• Vinegar is a good moss and lichen remover. Here’s how to make a vinegar solution for roof cleaning:

1. Mix distilled white vinegar with an acetic strength of five per cent or below with an ounce of dish soap in a bucket. Put the solution in a spray bottle.

2. Clear the roof of leaves, twigs, and other debris. Scrape any stubborn lichen or moss from the roof using a broom or a brush with stiff plastic bristles.

3. Spray some vinegar solution onto moss and lichens on the roof, as well as those that are on the edges. Make sure to cover the entire roof to kill all of them and keep them from growing back.

• For glazed roof tiles (and masonry surfaces), a diluted solution of blue stone or copper sulphate is an effective agent, and it also prevents early regrowth. Here’s how to make it.

1. Mix 200g of copper sulphate to 4.5 litres of water. The average roof will need ten times this volume.

2. Broom the solution onto the affected areas

3. When using Copper Solutions ensure that metalwork such as guttering (other than copper) is properly protected to prevent corrosive action. Guttering should be blocked and filled with water. If not, any solution that runs into it may form a pond and start an electrolytic reaction. In a water field gutter, the copper solution is extremely diluted.

Proper maintenance of your roof can save you from a costly re-roofing project. For roof cleaning and other roof maintenance services, feel free to call Mr Highlights Roofing today!


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