How To Remove Bathroom Odors

How To Remove Bathroom Odors

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Bathroom smells can be a bit daunting. Urine, mildew, soap scum, etc. the mixture of several bathroom utilities and wastage sometimes produce that repulsive smell that you just can't stand.

It makes you wonder, especially if the bathroom is relatively clean, where that awful smell is coming from. Your solution is to clean your bathroom from top to bottom. No problem in that. Except that the smell is still there. Maybe you've been cleaning the wrong item or section.

Bathroom smells usually come from very particular utility or accessory or even a neglected section in your bathroom.

Worry no more for here are eight steps to remove that irritating and sometimes suffocating bathroom smell.

1. Vent
Installing a vent in the bathroom helps air circulation. With fresh air coming in, bathroom odor is significantly neutralised.

2. Toilet bowl
Clean the toilet bowl with proper cleaning implements and make sure to inspect every nook and cranny, including under the rim. An area often neglected is the circular base of the toilet bowl. Urine sometimes seep in the concrete and may be the source of the awful smell. A good scrubbing with bleach and vinegar usually does the trick.

3. Clog
Examine the sink, including the drain. Make sure the drain is not clogged. If clogged, pour some de-clogging solution to take care of the clogged pipes. Repeat this process in the drain on the floor.

4. Walls and floor
Wash the walls with bleach and vinegar. Sometimes, dried urine soak in between tile. Brush the grout with a toothbrush. Repeat this procedure on the floor. Wash the tiles thoroughly.

5. Curtain
Check the shower curtain for rips or other damages that may be the source of leaks. Replace curtain if necessary.

6. Pipes
Examine the faucets, shower heads, and other sources of water. A leak in the pipes may cause water to seep under the tiles, producing a mildew smell. Acquire the services of a professional if pipe leaks are bad and a major repair or replacement is needed.

7. Laundry
Sometimes, wet soiled laundry produces that mildew smell. Make sure that your laundry basket or hamper has a lid on it, preventing the bad smell from coming out.

8. Scented candle
Instead of spraying an air deodoriser or freshener, try putting a scented candle. Candles are guaranteed odor neutralisers.


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