How to Pick a Good Electric Bicycle

How to Pick a Good Electric Bicycle

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An electric bicycle, to put it simply, is a bicycle that makes use of an electric motor to help with its propulsion. Think of your normal bike, with a battery pack and electric motor added to it. The motor is incorporated into the design to ease some of the burden of pedalling from the rider's legs; most e-bike models even allow for simple adjustment to provide a smaller or greater amount of assistance in certain situations, like when you are riding uphill or cycling into headwind.

Having an electric bicycle means that you can cycle further, with less effort, and you can recharge the battery at any time by merely plugging it into the mains power.

How should you choose one for yourself?
There are plenty of different electric bicycle models to choose from, but as a general rule of thumb, you'll want to pick a bike that is comfortable to use, able to support your riding style, and looks appealing to you, based on your individual aesthetic sense.

Here are some types of electric bikes that you can consider:

Electric Hybrid/Urban Bicycle. This is the ideal e-bike model if your goal is to use the bike as an alternative to a car, and for getting to and from work and going around town. The hybrid e-bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. The majority of electric bicycles are designed to fit this market or purpose, and as such is the best option for most buyers. They come with step over frames (for men) or step through frames (for both men and women).

Electric Mountain Bicycle. Riders who mean to take the bike off road will find that this model fits their needs perfectly. They are built with stronger wheels, more durable frames, front suspension forks, treaded tyres, sportier looks, and a more upright riding position. All you need to do is add a rear rack and a set of racks and you've got an incredible off road vehicle. It's also suitable for people who mean to use the bike around the city and then go on some light off-roading on weekends.

Folding/Compact Electric Bicycles. For cycling enthusiasts who have issues with space or storage, these folding e-bikes are excellent mechanisms to have. They are great for office commuters and students who need to put the bike away easily while at work or in class. "Grey nomads" and baby boomers who spend much of their time travelling on boats, caravans or cars will also love this bike's compact space-saving features.

Cargo Electric Bicycles. If you're planning on adding accessories to your bike — crates or boxes than can weigh up to 120kgs, or seats for another adult or a kid — this is the model you need. It comes with a longer rack or rear designed especially for the additions you have in mind.

Electric Cruiser. If you wish to own an electric bicycle but aren't really planning to take it for steep or long distance rides, an electric cruiser would be the right choice for you. These are very stylish bikes and are fun to take on quick trips over shorter distances.


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