How to Paint an Overhead Garage Door

How to Paint an Overhead Garage Door

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Whether you like it or not, your garage door represents a big chunk of your home's facade. A rusty garage door with peeling paint falling all over the driveway decreases the visual appeal of your home. You have no choice then but to coat your garage door with fresh paint, so it won't drag the value of your entire home down, considering that the garage door forms part of the facade.

Luckily for you, garage doors are easy to paint. Unless you're painting a really large and wide garage doors that house several vehicles, you don't need to engage the services of a professional painter. Here's a step-by-step guide on painting your overhead garage door DIY style.

1. Materials

Before starting the project, prepare the materials that are needed.

- Gallon of paint
- Paint bucket
- 3-inch paintbrush for the main job
- 1-inch paint brush for hard to reach sections
- Old brush for dusting
- Drop cloth
- Sandpaper

2. Power
Disengage the garage door power. You'll be pulling down the garage door manually.

3. Clean
Pull down the overhead door and clean it thoroughly with an old brush. Take down all the dirt and peeling paint. You might need to sand certain areas, depending on the amount of grime that needs to be taken out.

4. Drop cloth
Spread the drop cloth on the driveway surface, making sure that the area underneath where you're working is completely covered. In the absence of a drop cloth, old newspapers, cardboards and magazines would do.

5. Paint
Pour fresh paint in the paint bucket and cover the paint can and put it away where you can accidentally spill it while working. Now the fun part is this: remember that you're not painting a delicate piece of furniture. This is just a garage door, a rather big piece of outdoor equipment and too much attention to detail isn't required. Just apply the paint as evenly as you can.

Start painting the garage door. Do it panel after panel. Use the smaller brush on edges for better control. Don't paint the rubber gasket under the door. Whether you want to include the trims is up to you. Make sure to clean it as well.

6. Dry
When everything is covered with paint, nothing is left to do but wait for the paint to dry.

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