How To Modernise The Look Of Your Bedroom

How To Modernise The Look Of Your Bedroom

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Ever get tired of how bedroom look and feel? Sometimes, the outdated feel of our bedroom weigh heavily on our moods and something must be done about it. When your bedroom no longer emit that relaxing feel, when all of that heavy drapes and incandescent lighting no longer give 100 per cent relaxation, then maybe it is time to modernise the bedroom.

Modernising the look of your bedroom does not require a major change in layout or a complete overhaul of the entire room. Sometimes all it takes is a change of colors or some minor things like drapes, lightings and other minute changes and you will be surprised at how much the entire bedroom changes.

Color Scheme
When changing the wall colors, choose a light-colored paint or wallpaper. Don't limit yourself to white, you can be as creative as you want to. Changing the wall colors to light green or light blue can create an illusion of more space, then using a darker hue of the same color for skirts and accents. Go for monotone color combination. If you must use white, use it for the ceiling for white ceiling make the ceiling appear farther than it really is, giving the illusion of more space.

Perhaps it is time to do away with incandescent and fluorescent lightings and replace them with energy efficient soft-glow LED lights for overall lighting. Table lamps give dramatic effect but they are otherwise additional desk clutters. Go for wall-mounted cans instead. They free-up your desk space and they are more energy efficient.

Modern look dictates minimalist design and the bed as the main piece in the bedroom says a lot in regards to how you want your room to feel. Replacing the bed cover with lighter color with plain or minimal pattern and design automatically improves the look and feel of the bedroom, making it more modern. Unarguably, doing away with heavy patterns clears up the visual clutter, making the ed more inviting and comfortable.

Do away with heavy drapes that blocks out the natural light coming from the window. Replace them instead with light-colored curtains that let some natural light in. You may also opt for blinds which look far more modern than drapes.

Organise your closet. Organising your closet always increase its space because of the worthless junk that you're bound to throw away once that closet gets organised. Put a mirror on the closet door. The thing with mirrors is that they make spaces appear larger than they seem. When facing the window, the mirror reflects the light coming in, making the bedroom more illuminated and bright.

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