How to Manage Your Acute Back Pain

How to Manage Your Acute Back Pain

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Maintaining good posture, lifting and carrying things correctly and using a chair with a backrest can all help to keep your back healthy. However, regular exercise is the top tip for a strong back. Not only will it help you to control your weight (being overweight is linked with back problems), but physical activities such as walking, swimming or cycling will strengthen back muscles, taking pressure off your joints and tendons.

If you suffer acute back pain, a short period of a bed rest may help, but more than a couple of days will do more harm than good. Gentle exercise, such as cycling or swimming, improves circulations and helps prevent further problems.

  • Apply heat to a sore back. Good choices include compress made with rosemary or thyme tea; warmed wheat bags (available from health-food stores or pharmacies); salt packs (see ‘Salty relief’, below); heat packs (from pharmacies); or infrared light treatment.

  • Take hot oil baths with rosemary or thyme extracts to soothe pain, followed by massages with hand-warmed massage oil. Oils that contain lavender, rosemary and ginger are particularly effective.

  • When you can, bathe in a natural hot spring. It can be just as good for a psyche as for your back.

  • Rub your back with spirits of lemon balm. To prepare: steep 200g fresh lemon balm leaves for 10 days in tightly sealed container with 1 litre of surgical spirit, and leave in a warm place. Strain and dilute with water in a 4:1 proportion.

  • Try a hot wheat pack. Boil about 1kg wheat grains until soft. Put the hot mixture into a closely woven cloth bag and place on your sore back in 15 minutes.

  • Ease soreness with hot bath to which you have added 250g of Epsom salts. These magnesium-rich salts promote relaxation, relieve pain and have a mild sedative and antispasmodic effect.

  • Place a thick cushion under your legs at night so that your thighs point straight up and your knees are bent at a right angle in order to take strain off your spinal column.

More tips

  • The benefit of salt have been known for centuries, as a disinfectant and preservative as well a condiment. It can also be used to make a handy heat pack. Warm 250g of salt in a pan and then pour it into an old, thick sock. Tie off the end and apply to the painful area.

  • A gentle back massage relaxes cramped muscles.

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