How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

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If you are stuck with a small bathroom, there’s no need to worry. You can make the most of your space by increasing the physical space and creating a more spacious look.

One way to do this is to choose the right cabinets, storage solutions and fixtures to fit the room size. Follow these tips below to increase the space in your small bathroom:

1. Move bathroom furniture to open up floor space.
You need to ensure that you have enough space to move in the middle of the room. Therefore, you should install shelving or build storage units into one corner. Installing shelves on the wall will leave you extra space on the floor to put other appliances or give you room to move around.

2. Opt for a compact toilet.
Old toilets tend to be bulky and can consume a lot of space in your bathroom. It’s better to choose a compact model to create an impression of a bigger room. Aside from having more space-saving dimensions, more modern toilet designs are more environment-friendly as they use less water than the old ones.

3. Choose neutral tile and paint colours.
You need to be careful in choosing the colour scheme of a small bathroom. Decorative patterns may sometimes only create more visual clutter. More often, it’s recommended to choose light and natural shades to create a spacious feel. You may still experiment with the look of your small bathroom, just make sure to avoid using busy prints and try to play with textures instead of patterns.

4. Go for a bathtub designed for small spaces.
If you want to install a bathtub in your bathroom, you should opt for the ones designed for compact spaces. Bathtubs with a contemporary design feature thinner and softer edges, allowing you to create a spacious feel in the room.

5. Install a small sink.
Sink and faucets mostly come in one package. Consider sinks that are space-efficient and don’t have a lot of ornaments. Also, it would be better if it’s mounted on the wall so you can use the space under the sink to store shelves or cabinets.

6. Use space-friendly shower screen.
It’s recommended to choose a sliding shower screen as it doesn't require a lot of space for door clearance. Plus, the clear glass may act like a window which creates the perception of a bigger space.

7. Minimise the vanity area.
Choose a smaller vanity to save more space in your room. For instance, console tables multitask with storage and cabinets underneath. However, if you decided to eliminate the vanity area, you might want to add shelving as your storage area.

There’s no need to do a major renovation if you can create more space by choosing the right elements and implementing a space-smart layout. Invest in high-quality furniture and fixtures often showcased by contemporary-style manufacturers.

If you’re looking into building a minimalist, contemporary small bathroom, visit the Caroma page here to get innovative, space-smart bathroom solutions.


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