How to Keep Baked Goods' Freshness Longer

How to Keep Baked Goods' Freshness Longer

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For many people, there's nothing more satisfying to taste, savour and indulge in than bread, pastries, pies and cakes fresh from the oven. The smell of something — anything, really — baking is enough to make anyone's mouth water in anticipation. And to finally taste a bite of a warm, gooey brownie, a forkful of steaming pie, a mouthful of crunchy cookie, or a playful swipe of a cake's frosting is sure to hit the spot on a bad day, during an especially happy celebration, or just any moment when the urge to whip up a batch of sinful goodies arises.

Of course, as much as you would want these heavenly baked creations to stay as delicious, intensely flavoured and wonderfully textured and moist for the entire duration of its shelf life, the sad fact is that the quality of baked goods can quickly deteriorate as the days pass by.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep all kinds of baked goodies fresh for a longer period of time. Try these simple tricks so that you can enjoy the freshness of these top three baked creations for longer:

If your cookies are crisp, the best way to retain that crispness is to store them in a jar or container with a loose-fitting lid (if you live in a place with a dry climate) or with a tightly closed lid (if your location has a humid climate). However, if custard or cream cheese were used to fill or frost the cookies, cover them loosely with aluminium foil and refrigerate.

Cookies that are fully baked and cooked can be kept in a sealed airtight container and placed in the freezer — storing them this way will keep them fresh for several months. Skip this tip, though, if the cookies have low butterfat content because they'll dry out.

Pies should be fully baked and cooled, and then whatever's not devoured at the dinner table can be stored in plastic and foil and then kept in the freezer.

If a cake is left unfrosted, it can be wrapped in plastic wrap and left on the countertop (kept under a cake dome or covered in foil) and it will be good for a week. Make sure that it's completely cooled before wrapping to prevent moulds, and that the place you leave it in is free of humidity and moisture.

For cakes with frosting made of cream cheese, eggs, whipped cream or custard, refrigeration is essential. If the frosting comes from a can, the cake can be left on the counter for around five days as long as it's covered properly under a dome or a loose-fitting container of foil. If, however, the cake is frosted with whipped cream, it will only last one or two days in the fridge before the whipped cream becomes watery.

Cheesecakes and any other cakes that have fillings or toppings made of fruit or perishable ingredients should be triple-wrapped (plastic, foil, then freezer bag) and refrigerated. When it's time to defrost, take the cake out of the freezer, leave it on the counter and let it reach room temperature before unwrapping.

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