How To Identify the Value and Cost of a New Roof

How To Identify the Value and Cost of a New Roof

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When you are looking at all the different roofing materials to choose from—whether you are having a new home built for you or your current one needs replacement—you have to look at several factors before settling for a final choice.

One particular option that should be in your radar is the concrete roof tile. This roofing material offers several advantages and benefits that other roofing materials cannot offer.

In terms of available colours, you can easily find concrete roof tiles that match your home's style.

Concrete roof tiles are known for their superior thermal performance, allowing you to attain a high degree of indoor comfort whatever the season may be.

Concrete roof tiles also provide a high degree of sound insulation—an important quality to consider especially if you live near the airport or a near a major road.

In addition, this roofing material offers superior fire resistance, making it ideal for areas prone to bushfire. It performs well in coastal areas, too.

In terms of maintenance, concrete roof tiles require minimal care. If the roof is going to be repaired or modified, you do not have to replace a whole section.

But what about the cost?

Sometimes, property owners stall the replacement of their roofs, thinking that having their roofs repaired is the better option. That may be true in some circumstances. However, roof replacement may be a better option in some cases wherein damage to the structure can come as a result of a leaking roof. In other cases, fully replacing the roof is a more convenient and cost-effective route.

The cost of a new roof will depend on a few important factors, including the size of the home, the installation of the sarking, the property's location, the pitch of the roof, and the chosen roofing material.

The cost of roofing tiles usually starts at around $55 per square metre. Do take note that the final cost of installing a new roof for your home may go up depending on a few additional factors, especially for roof replacement. These factors may include the cost for removal and disposal of your old roof, location and access, roof pitch, replacement of batten, and asbestos removal (where applicable).

Definitely, price will always be a major factor in choosing which roofing material to use for your home. However, it should not be the sole deciding factor. Consider the benefits of each roofing material and weigh thee against the cost to find the best option.

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