How to Get Your Accurate Ring Size

How to Get Your Accurate Ring Size

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Jewellery is an investment. But while you might buy a precious trinket in the hopes of having its value increase in increments over time and then passing it on to your future kids, you’re still essentially buying for yourself.

As such, the decision about its style has to reflect your own taste and where buying a ring is concerned, the size has to fit you perfectly as well. It has to not only feel comfortable around your finger but also has to be snug enough so as not to fall off and loose enough to slide over.

But how do you get an accurate size for your ring?

Finding your ring size is particularly crucial when you have decided to purchase one from an online jeweller. There are two ways to measure for your ring size, but to make sure it’s accurate, follow these steps first:

· Always measure your finger in warm temperature.
· Do it at the end of the day, as this is the time when your finger is at its largest.
· For those with knuckles larger than the base of the finger, measure the base of the finger and the knuckle, then choose a size between the two so there's enough room to easily slip over the knuckle.
· Never measure cold fingers — they'll be at their smallest.

And here are two ways to measure your ring size:

1. Find a ring that fits your finger. Then get an appropriate ring size chart. Put the ring over the circles and match the inside of the ring to the nearest in size. When your ring happens to fall between two sizes, purchase the half size between the two. For instance, you’re between 7 (N ½ for Australia and UK sizes) and 8 (P ½ for Australia and UK sizes), get 7.5 (O ½).

When printing your ring size chart, make sure the page scaling is set to none. Alternately, follow the jeweller’s ring size chart. Some jewellers even include an icon of a penny in the printout so you can place an actual penny on it to check for scaling accuracy.

2. No ring yet? Try wrapping a strip of paper around the base of your finger. Then mark the point where the two ends meet. Measure your strip of paper on a ruler, and then find the appropriate size on the chart.

Make sure you don’t use stretchy material when using this option because it will yield an inaccurate measurement.

When all else fails, it’s a good idea to purchase your ring from an online jeweller that offers free resizing. And when buying your ring from another country, use the International Ring Size Chart to convert that country’s standard for sizing.

The perfect ring should be snug and comfortable, not just appealing and valuable. So before you make that purchase, get your accurate ring size and make the right investment.


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