How to Get the Best Results from Your Skin Care Products

How to Get the Best Results from Your Skin Care Products

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Your skin care regimen isn’t always going to be affordable. Even the so-called DIY treatments using items from your fridge or pantry might not end up being all that cheap. From luxurious Evian baths to olive oil for your hands, you'll have to spend good money to look after your skin.

And it can get even more costly when you buy pricey skin care products. Buying such products isn't bad, of course, but they tend to be poor “investments” when they fall short of results.

So it makes sense to try and make sure that you get the most out of your skin care product purchases. It all begins with these hints and tricks:

Use your skin care products as directed.
Directions exist for a reason. For skin care products, they help you get the desirable results and, hopefully, prevent whatever potential side effects may occur. Never use your products more than you need to, apply to damp skin since it absorbs products (except for mineral-based sunscreen) better, and follow the recommended application.

Apply skin care products in proper order.
Yes, skin care product application does have an order. When using multiple products for sun spots or acne, apply the most active ingredient first. Then dab on the other products from thinnest to thickest, i.e., serum to night cream. When using two different products for two different problems, apply one to bare skin in the morning, then the other one in the evening.

Be patient with a skin condition.
From flare ups to breakouts, skin conditions will take their time. The more you try to force the treatment, the more aggravated it gets. Let the condition run its course. Apply the product that needs to be applied. And be patient because it will eventually heal.

Do what's best for your skin with better habits.
Hydrate. Exercise. Don’t smoke. Sleep well. When you take care of your skin with habits that are healthy for you, the products you buy will work better.

Don’t fall for trendy skin care regimen.
Everyone’s skin is different and what works for one wouldn't necessarily work for another. So while using a face cream with placenta seems to be giving your friend that youthful look, the same cream might not be effective for you.

Consult a dermatologist.
To make sure you’re going to be buying the right skin care product, you need to know which formulations work for your skin type. And only a licensed dermatologist would be able to make such a recommendation.

Consider consulting a dermatologist near you once in a while.


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