How to Get a Painting Contractor for your Newly-Built Home

How to Get a Painting Contractor for your Newly-Built Home

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DIY methods can work for a simple painting project. However, more complicated painting projects are possible to need the skill of a professional painting contractor. Like most worthy activities, finding a painting contractor is a tedious process. The first thing to do is to inquire around. Your real estate agents can be a good source of information because they can refer good ones based on the nature of their job.

Once you have a list, don’t try to call nine to ten painting contractors right away then get a quote from them. This will only waste your time. First, get to know the type of painter that will work with you, this means including your budget. Tell the painters as early as your first call about your budget so they would know also their expectations. Have enough time when talking to the painters on your shortlist over the phone, because this is the time that you will get the information. You may want to invite those who pass your phone screening to your house for them to see the thing that they will be working on. You may opt to ask the painter to give you a list of his past customers so you can do a little background check.

A good painting contractor doesn’t just do quality paintings. Workers should be pleasant to work with and has good communication skills. Preferably, the folks changing your home’s look will be keen about the task rather than tired and burnt out. Find out from your background check what kind of behavior the painter displayed before. Also inquire whether the painter stayed on the agreed working hours, and abide by your house rules.

Some former customers may put the blame on the painting contractor for problems that is caused by the environment or weather conditions. These feedbacks are should not entertained. Negative feedback can be vital for you, and recurrent negative stories show that your candidate is not worth it.

Once they start working, check their materials. Frequently, painters use cheap paints and other products and most customers do not have time to check on this. This is disastrous because the price difference between the high-quality and a cheap paint is only a little. It may be a minor price difference, but the effect on your house is big. Paint with high quality provides better coverage for your house.


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