How to Fix a Blocked sink and Basins

How to Fix a Blocked sink and Basins

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Grease, hair and kitchen debris accumulate gradually in the traps and waste-pipes underneath sinks and basins.

Blocked Sink Repairs

Chemical Cleaners
If water drains slowly from sinks or basins, you may use a chemical cleaner, but chemical cleaners may affect a septic tank or pollute the waste water. If possible, use mechanical methods.

If you do use a chemical cleaner follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and always wear rubber gloves.

You can buy rubber plungers at hardware shops. Fill the basin/sink with enough water to cover the plunger. Coat the rim of the rubber cup with a little petroleum jelly. Pump the handle of the plunger up and down a few times. If the blockage doesn’t clear, you’ll have to open and clean the trap.

Cleaning the trap
The purpose of the trap below the waste outlet is to provide a water seal that will prevent bad odours from entering the room via the outlet. The trap is a bend in the pipe. some traps have a cleaning eye that can be unscrewed and the debris removed with a piece of wire. Before removing plugs, place a bucket under the fitting to collect the water. Most traps have no cleaning eye and need to be removed to clean the bend. Unscrew the two nuts at the ends of traps ( you won’t need to unscrew the middle one). Make sure to look at how the rubber seals around these nuts fit, as they may fall off and you will need to replace them correctly. Plastic nuts are designed to be removed by hand, and should not be tightened with wrenches.

Spray Products that claim to seal leaks in pipes are only to be used as temporary measures if at all. If there is a leak under a sink or basin, it’s better to unscrew the fitting, place it in a bag and take it to your local hardware store where you can purchase new sets of seals. As there are many types of seals, ask an attendant at the hardware shop to supply you with the appropriate set.

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