How To Find The Perfect Living Room Couch

How To Find The Perfect Living Room Couch

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The couch, also known as the sofa, is the central piece of your living room. It is the ultimate mecca, the first and final destination of anyone who ventured into the living room.

To venture further into the realm of philosophy where the living room is where you live, and therefore the living room is the most important room in the house, with the couch as its Pièce de résistance, therefore, it may be that the couch is by far the most important furniture in the house. That is not an overstatement, merely stating what should have been clear in the first place.

Therefore, choosing the right couch is a serious business.When choosing a couch, you want something that would last for a very long time. Something comfortable enough to not need a replacement in the near future.

Here is a concise guide to help you decide and pick the right couch that would be perfect for your living room.

When shopping for a couch, the first thing to note is the sofa frame. If you want your sofa to last for several years, always go for frames made of hardwood. It is pricier than your generic pine soft wood but at least it will remain unwarped and wobble-free for years to come.

As much as possible, avoid plastic or metal frames because they warp and crack with time and continued use.

Another important factor concerning the frame, make sure the front legs are part of the frame.If not,inspect if they are attached to the frame by screws or pegs and not just glue.

To test its strength, lift one front leg up by six inches. If the other front leg goes up after six inches, the frame is sturdy.

Frame components must be connected to each other with metal screws, wooden dowels or blocks, and brackets. Be wary of those connected only with nails, staples and glue because they are not sturdy.

Go for the couch with underlying springs, popularly called serpentine. These are hand-tied springs hidden under the upholstery. Without them, if the seat is just supported by mesh and webbing, it would not be a comfortable as the spring-powered. Note that these springs must never hit the frame. To test if they do, sit on several areas of the sofa and wait for the squeak. If there's no squeak, then the springs are just fine.

For the cushioning, go for high-resilient foam. It is more comfortable than the cheap polyurethane foam or polyester fiber but more comfortable and lasts a long time. You might think twice with the price difference but in the future, when you're chilling down on your comfy sofa, perhaps with a glass of margarita soaking it up after a long hard day, you will definitely know where that extra money went.

For fabric, go for the most durable textile. Choosing a synthetic microfiber is wise as it is every bit like a real cloth, only it is as stain resistant as leather, though not as expensive. When choosing the textile, it is important to consider function over form. Remember, you want something that would be durable enough to stand the regular wear and tear. And equally important, easy to maintain.


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