How to Find the Best Beach Bag

How to Find the Best Beach Bag

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When the weather's nice and hot, the most refreshing way to beat the summer heat is to pack up everything (food, the kids, your swimsuit), load it all into the car, and then drive off to the beach for an afternoon of swimming, feasting and frolicking on the sand.

But before you head out on your next beach trip, it's best to take a look at your gear — specifically, your beach bag — and check whether it's doing its job or not. Beach bags have to be a combination of style and function; you want them to look nice and complement your summer outfit and all, but you also want them to be able to do everything you need them to do.

To help you find the ideal beach bag for your use this summer, here are four key points to think about:

Consider what you'll be putting into the bag. Typical beach essentials would include swimsuits, a cover-up top or shirt, flip flops, hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, Frisbees, a book or an MP3 player, cameras for taking photos, and shower toiletries. Since most of these things will find their way into your bag, you can easily pick a huge tote where you can toss them all in together, or a bag with small compartments for the little items.

If you're a mum, however, your beach bag will need to be a bit more versatile. You will also need to bring diapers, wipes and other hygiene products, a first aid kit, toys, a change of clothes, and other kid-friendly essentials. A roomier tote would be the way to go. As for materials, it’s best to choose summer-friendly fabrics like cotton and canvas for easy cleaning and lightweight, breathable comfort.

Of course, you'll also need to bring food for yourself and for the kiddos, if any. There are insulated bags that can help keep water and juices cool; same goes with medications that require lower storage temperatures. These bags would be great alternatives to the traditional bulky cooler.

Think about the style that would make you more comfortable. Some women will prefer a beach bag that they can simply hoist over one shoulder. Others find it more comfortable to bring backpack-style beach bags so their hands can be free to carry other beach supplies (like lawn chairs or picnic baskets) or their children. The key is to select the style that you would find convenient to carry.

Think about coordination. Some beach bags are easy choices for women because they are designed to come with a matching swimsuit, cover up, umbrella, sunglasses or hats. There's nothing wrong with a little coordination on a relaxing day at the beach — it's certainly fun to look at.

Let your personality shine through. Aside from function, you need to look for a design you like in the beach bag that you choose. A nautical theme of blue and white stripes is a favourite design among beach goers. Others prefer bohemian prints or simple canvas bags with a humorous quote or even a carefree literary quote about the beach life on them. It's best to choose a design you like so you can be happy to let your personality shine through as you make your way to the beach.


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