How to Find a Suitable Charity Partner for Your Business

How to Find a Suitable Charity Partner for Your Business

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Businesses can build stronger relationships with their stakeholders through their charitable endeavours. The truth is, they’re willing to give but are often confused as to which causes might be best for them.

Here are some tips that will help your business choose the right charity to support.

Clarify your business’ mission.
Clarifying your mission will help you see the natural connection between your organisation and a potential charity partner. If you have a clear mission statement, you can use that as the philosophy that will guide your daily operations.

Identify where your stakeholders are donating.
Survey your customers to identify which causes and nonprofits they support. Demographic and psychographic profiles may provide you with more insight about their cares and concerns. Identify what’s important to them and any specific causes they may be supporting on their own. Choosing a cause which resonates with your customer shows you’re in tune with matters that are important to them.

Involve your employees.
You should take into consideration your employees' concerns as well. Find out if there’s a need coming from within your company. And if you choose a cause your employees care about, they’ll get excited to participate in your campaign.

Set the criteria for the potential charity.
You should consider certain factors including the size, age and scope of the charity (whether it will do its work locally, nationally or internationally).

Compare mission statements.
Choose organisations whose mission statements resemble or complement your company’s values. Organisations that share the same ideals may work more harmoniously toward a common goal. List the nonprofits that fit your predetermined criteria and focus the remainder of your search on these organisations.

Find a charity you can be confident to work with.
If the organisation makes you feel uneasy, your partnership isn’t meant to be. Look for a reputable charity, one that will define its mission and programs clearly, have measurable goals and use concrete criteria to describe its achievements.

Test your partnership.
Give your partnership a trial run by donating to a small project before doing a large campaign. Observe how the charity works during the process. Check for accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness. You’ll get a sense of how well your organisations work together without the large commitment up front.

Partnering with a charity is a fulfilling way to further your business’ mission while helping the community where you live and work. The next time you plan to partner with a charity, put these tips into practice and your endeavours will surely be successful.


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