How to Find a Great Hair Salon

How to Find a Great Hair Salon

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When you're in a new location, either just for a few days or because you've packed up from your old place and moved to a new one, you tend to go through a trial-and-error phase when it comes to picking out establishments where you can get your basic needs. You may not be familiar with the supermarkets in this new place, or maybe the laundry shops offer services different from what you're used to. You never know what to expect, so you just go in and hope that you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

The same goes for hair salons. At your old neighbourhood, it took a few visits to different salons before you were able to find a hairdresser that you could trust — someone who provided top quality services and made and effort to build rapport and relationships with customers. As they say, women often build friendships with their hairdressers because they spend time together making conversation while the clients get a haircut or a perm or a new colour. So finding someone to replace your trusted hairdresser can be a challenge.

To help you start over again and successfully find a hair salon with staff that you can entrust your hair styling needs to, and perhaps even become your friend over the long term, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Check out the overall appearance and vibe of the salon. The facilities would be the first thing you get to see when you step into a salon, so take the time to observe and decide if you like what you see. Generally, it's a good sign if you see that the salon is clean and tidy, the temperature is just right, the tools and equipment appear to be modern and in good shape, the staff are well-dressed and styled themselves, any background music or sounds are not too loud, the vibe is friendly, and the customers look relaxed, happy, and in conversation with their hairdressers.

2. Look over the list of services they provide to see if they can perform the ones that you will most likely be requesting. Of course, the main reason for your visit to a salon would be to get haircuts and styling services, so make sure that the salon you choose offers what you need. If they have a website, you could look over their portfolio and see if you like what they are able to do.

3. Observe how the staff handle their clients. Are they professional about lining up clients for their stylists? Do they warmly welcome you and invite you to relax with a magazine or maybe even a cup of tea while you wait for the stylist to be available? Do they remember you when it's your second or third visit? Do they readily answer any questions you have or make helpful suggestions when you're unsure about what services to get? It's best to choose a salon with staff that you like so the experience will always be a good one.

4. Look up reviews online or ask for referrals. If you know some people in the place you've just moved into, see if they recommend the salons you've got your eye on so you can have a firsthand review of what their services are like. Or you can look up reviews online.

5. Look at the price. Expensive salons don't necessarily offer the best services, and cheaper establishments don't always mean that the service is subpar. Choose a salon with prices that you think are fair, and that offer great value for the money they charge.


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