How to Enjoy Your Time at a Day Spa

How to Enjoy Your Time at a Day Spa

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As much as you want to, you don't have the time to spend a weekend at a resort spa. That may come after you've finished a project or finally landed that high profile client. In the meantime, your hectic schedule doesn't have to mean you should forget about relaxation.

All you need is to find the right day spa.

A day spa is a place where you can get a soothing or revitalising massage, a pampering body wrap, or a refreshing facial. Unlike destination or resort spas, you don't have to spend the night. You can pick your treatment, get your treatment and be out in an hour or so.

But how do you get the most of your time at a day spa? Consider the following tips:

Pick the right day spa.
Aside from making sure it's easy to get to, you'll want a day spa that is peaceful and relaxing, and it should be clean. It should also feature a full menu of spa treatments — from massages to facials to body treatments, with modern equipment. Your day spa should have private rooms where you can have tea while waiting for your therapist or your bill to get processed. And the day spa should have licensed, qualified and skillful therapists.

Get references from friends or family for your therapist.
Your facialist, masseuse or masseur will determine the quality of treatment you will get. So, it's always best to find the right one. If no one can refer you to any massage therapist or facialist, you'll have to rely on online reviews and the recommendation of the day spa. You may go through a few therapists before you settle on the one you like.

Get the right treatment.
If it's your first time to get a massage, the Swedish technique is recommended because it can be slow and gentle or vigorous. You should also try to get another treatment if you have enough time. Some day spas offer manicures and pedicures. But if you're looking for greater pampering, add a body wrap or scrub.

Try to arrive early and leave your valuables at home.
The point of going to a day spa is to relax. You don't want to rush out the door in a mad dash just to make your appointment. Otherwise, you'll arrive stressed out and not in any condition to, well, relax. Another thing to avoid when you're heading to a day spa is the constant worry over your valuables: mobile phones, tablets, a large sum of cash...don't take them with you to the day spa unless it's absolutely necessary.

Talk to your therapist.
Too cold, too hot, too to your therapist about how you're experiencing the spa and the treatments. Don't be shy about voicing out concerns, especially when you're not all too willing to go nude under the towel.

Enjoy your time at a day spa near you.


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