How To Decorate Your Home Office To Improve Productivity

How To Decorate Your Home Office To Improve Productivity

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Your office is a place where you spend a huge amount of time – and for some hardworking individuals, sometimes more than any other place in the world. It thus makes sense to seriously invest into making it a more beautiful, more useful space.

As studies have shown, your environment has a direct impact on your performance, productivity, creativity and critical thinking. It affects your mood, how people perceive you, and how you respond to others around you as well. Through the use of essential features and fixtures, a smart layout, the right colour scheme and some well-appointed accessories, you can transform your working area into a hub where your best ideas and best work spring from.

If you’re working from home, look at it as an advantage because you get to choose every detail of your working space. You no longer have to be confined inside generic cubicles or stare all day at boring beige walls. You can decorate your home office according to your specific needs and preferences. It won’t require a huge budget – just stick to the essentials and focus on the things that make an immediate impact.

Decide on a location. The ideal location depends on your working style and lifestyle. Some people are most productive where there’s high-energy, bustling activity. If that’s the case, then a corner in the dining room or den can be a good spot. Some people need complete isolation to stay focused. If you’re this type of person, using an extra room or transforming a closet (if you lack space) is worth the space.

Complete your setup. Don’t skimp on the basics. You need a good-sized table, an ergonomic chair and storage pieces such as drawers and shelves. Depending on the nature of your work, you’ll need a computer and the specific tools of your trade, as well as the accessories for keeping them organised. For many people working from home, a wall calendar, a pin-up board and a printer will be useful for managing your time and deadlines no matter what type of work you do.

Extras can sometimes be essentials. Some “extras” can actually be essential in enabling you to work to your full capacity. For instance, if your home office is a place where you also meet your clients, then it’s important to have a dedicated table, a small coffee nook and a whiteboard or screen for meetings and presentations. If you’ll be minding your kid while working, maybe you can also set up a small play space or crafts area so he or she can keep busy while you complete your tasks. If you’re serious about keeping fit and healthy, stand-up desk (you can buy or DIY) is a good investment.

Use some colour therapy. Numerous studies have shown how colour can affect workplace productivity and performance. While perception of colour still depends on the individual’s or group’s cultural and social background, the universal colour theory can be used as a relevant guide into creating the ideal workspace for you. Cool colours such as blue, green and purple represent a sense of calm and business-like image. Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow encourage energy and passion. You don’t have to repaint all the walls in the room. Choosing key fixtures to provide colour accents works just as well.

Borrow from nature. With today’s online workspace, a laptop and a fast Internet connection should be all you need, right? No, because you might need a little help from nature, too. For a lot of people, nature elements are also considered basic workplace décor necessities. Studies have shown that items that bring nature in, such as a landscape painting or indoor plants, have a significant influence on improving the mood, concentration and mental sharpness of people working. To increase the health and happiness level in your office, you can simply add a couple of potted plants in your desk, and draw the curtains to allow the sun to come in every morning.

Add personal accents. Don’t forget to add some items that inspire you and remind you of the things and people you value the most. It can be a picture of your loved ones and family. It can be a framed artwork that holds a special meaning for you. You can pin up a favourite quote or a poem you have printed. You can dedicate a small corner for two or three of your travel souvenirs or your personal collection. Your favourite throw pillow or a lovely mug can give your visitors a glimpse of your personality and allow you to make your working space a more comfortable and functional place.


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