How to Create a Peaceful Home with CSR Building Products

How to Create a Peaceful Home with CSR Building Products

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When you come home, you are comforted by the fact and the knowledge that you are in the one place on the planet where you can savour as much peace and quiet as you want and need. After a long and tiring day, all you're after is some time to yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside, and an opportunity to wind down and get real rest.

Domestic disturbances
Throughout your home and outside in your neighbourhood, however, there are a number of things that could be constantly creating noise and preventing you from relaxing, concentrating, or getting the sleep you need. Examples include:

· People's voices
· TVs
· Sound systems
· Air conditioners
· Household appliances
· Pets and other animals
· Music from other houses, or devices with speakers
· Car and burglar alarms
· Traffic (road, air, rail)
· Swimming pool pumps
· Building and road construction and maintenance

Improving acoustics with design
There are simple things you can do to minimise noise levels from the activity within your house, such as setting a time limit for using devices at night, using household appliances that create the most noise only during the day, or training pets to make less noise in the evenings.

In addition, homeowners can also have their existing homes renovated, or new ones built, with careful attention paid to the acoustics of the property. They can work with their hired builders and designers to come up with a design that would include top-quality construction materials that help reduce noise in different parts of the house.

Some CSR building products you can consider for this very purpose are:

Bradford SoundScreen. This item is widely known and used across Australia when it comes to acoustic insulation. It helps ensure that the house's ceiling and exterior walls demonstrate enhanced acoustic performance for reduced noise.

Gyprock Superchek. This product is made with a denser core that helps reduce noise and improve sound absorption inside the home.

Hebel PowerFloor. These are lightweight concrete floor panels that reduce the transfer of sound between storeys that go through floors. This item is ideally combined with Bradford SoundScreen for better results.

Viridian Hush Range. This line of laminated safety glass comes with an interlayer that effectively dampens noise. Aside from its acoustic control capabilities, it also provides good thermal efficiency. The products are perfect for use in high density environments located within cities.

PGH Bricks. These bricks provide additional density to any house, helping to bar noise both outside and inside the property.

When your home's acoustics insulation is well structured, you can enjoy restful sleep, blissful naps, uninterrupted conversations, and a more peaceful home environment overall.

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