How To Clean Your Living Room Carpet

How To Clean Your Living Room Carpet

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Carpets define comfort when it comes to living room floor. But as much as we love stepping on carpeted floors, popular belief dictates that carpets are a pain to .maintain.

But that is purely, popular belief. The thing with popular is that it is not always right. A lot of people get into the same thinking primarily because it is popular, rather than logical.

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your carpet is not hard, provided that you are equipped with the right cleaning implements. And when it comes to carpet cleaning kits, there are literally thousands of commercial products out there available to anyone who want to clean the carpet.

Here are some easy carpet cleaning tips you can try on your living room. Note that carpets need to be regularly cleaned. It will save you a lot of time and resources if carpet cleaning is done regularly, preventing the buildup of dirt and stains.

Mix the solution in accordance with the shampoo usage directions usually printed on the shampoo packaging. Normally, you need to dilute the solution in water.

Do not make the carpet too wet as it will be a waste of detergent. Carefully following the directions for use, put some solution on the carpet and start scrubbing. Consistent and intense brushing on areas with stains or those sections where the carpet emit foul odor. Leave to dry then vacuum the carpet to remove the dried shampoo. The downside of using shampoo is that it takes hours to dry, rendering the room unavailable.

Sprinkle the carpet powder over the carpet surface and leave overnight. Vacuum the floor the next day.

If you would rather use natural products, there are regular kitchen items that can be used for cleaning your carpet.

Use salt to remove heavy stains. Use baking soda to take away the foul odor. Note that it is always better to remove stains when they occur, rather than waiting for it to dry. Dab the stain with damp rag rather than wiping it away as the latter just spreads the stain. To remove chewing gum, harden it first with an ice cube before scraping it away. For smelly stains, use a solution made of equal parts of vinegar and lukewarm water.

Note: before using any cleaning implement, natural or chemical, save time by testing it out first on a small area so you will immediately know whether it is effective or not.


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