How To Choose Your Wallpaper For Perfect Home Decorating

How To Choose Your Wallpaper For Perfect Home Decorating

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Most shops carry large “libraries” of pattern books with entire ranges in a variety of colourways spen. However, you don’t want to spend hours and days wading through sample books. This usually leads to confusion and much frustration!

Instead, take details of the rooms to be decorated, including their size; colour and style of the drapes, carpets and other furnishings; the direction windows face; colours of adjoining rooms. A good retailer will be able to show you an imaginative range of options. Don’t be afraid to select something that reflects your personality and individuality. You could try one of the superb flocks: brilliant if you’re lucky enough to have a chandelier. You might prefer a grasscloth - real or imitation - with its horizontal weave and texture which creates the illusion of the room being larger than it really is.

Still not sure? As well as pattern books, many retailers carry stocks of sample rolls and may allow you to take these home to see how the paper looks in the room it is destined for.

Which wallpaper to choose?

Vinyl is today’s most popular wallpaper. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) it is resistant to water and can be scrubbed with a soft bristle brush to remove most marks. It is usually prepasted.
Vinyl Coated papers have had liquid PVC applied to them, giving a more durable, washable surface.
Embossed Vinyl has been moulded to give a raised pattern and has a tough paper backing.
Blown Vinyl has a relief design effect, created by expanding the vinyl during manufacture.
Duplex wallcovering consists of two (2) sheets of paper which have been bonded for strength. It can be sponged but not scrubbed.
Natural Papers such as grasscloth and silks, cork, wood veneers, burlap, are all made from natural materials applied to paper backings. Hanging them usually requires some degree of expertise.
Flock Wallcoverings are regarded as an elegant background of traditional decorating schemes. Finely chopped wool, rayon or nylon is applied to the design and coated with adhesive, for luxurious velvet effect.
Relief Papers are usually white and not to be confused with the embossed vinyls or flocks. Relief papers include anaglypta, a great favourite in Victorian times. Anaglypta is made by bonding two sheets of paper then passing it through deeply-embossed rollers.
Mylar Foil is made from a resin. It looks like real foil but won’t show creases after hanging.
Foil is a thin, flexible metal sheet (often aluminium), laminated on to a backing of paper or fabric. Excellent for accent areas such as one wall of bathroom or in a small hallway.
Murals range from maps of the world to scenes of autumnal forests and tropical islands which can cover an entire wall, creating a feeling of spaciousness in small rooms.


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